Words to Remember

Abstain: to restrain oneself, refrain from indulging in.
Refrain: to avoid doing something, to desist.
Accede: to agree; to assent.
Exceed: to go beyond; to be more than.
Access: an approach.
Excess: the amount by which one thing is greater than the other
Adapt: to make suitable.
Adopt: to take up.
Affection: love.
Affectation: artificial show, pretence.
Air: is the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth
Heir: is someone who inherits property
Wind: is air in more or less rapid natural motion
Allay: means to put at rest.
Ally: to unite.
The countries allied (became allies) to allay the possibility of attack.
All right: all right Is always all right.
Alright: alright Is not all right. Stop It.
Alpha: is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.
Omega: is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
The phrase ‘the alpha and omega’ is used to mean the beginning and the end.
Alternate: come one Ultra another, change
Alternative: one of the together many options/choices.
Altogether: means everyone in u group.
Altogether there are 14 persons when the group is all together
Altar: an elevated place of worship altogether.
Alteration: change
Altercation: a wordy quarrel
Allude: means retail indirectly to
Elude: means slip away from
Allusion: indirect reference
Illusion: unreal or misleading appearance.
Amiable: describes a fondly, good-natured person.
Amicable: describes a peaceful friendly relationship.
Antic: buffoonery
Antique: anything very old.
Appraise: means to estimate value,
Appraise: means to inform.
Arms: refers to a part of the human body or weapons.
Aims: refers to gifts to the poor.
Artist: is one who practised o lino rut
Artisan: is one who is skilled In a mechanic art in which manual dexterity is dominant.
Ascent: refers to going up,
Assent: refers to agreement or consent.
Aspire: to aim at high things.
Expire: to die.
Assay: means to analyse
Essay: means composition
Bail: security.
Bale: a bundle of goods.
Bare: naked.
Bear: an animal.
Beau: an admirer, a dandy.
Bow: a looped knot.
Besides: means by the side of.
Besides: means also or in addition to.
Bi-annual: means twice a year.
Biennial: means every two years.
Birth: being born.
Birth: a sleeping place in a ship or a train.
Block: means many things.
Bloc: means only a group of persons combined for a purpose.
Borrow: means to get something from someone.

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