Abandon: Cede, desert, forgo, forsake, quit, vacate, waive, withdraw

Abatement: Compromise, cut, decline, lessen, reduce, relieve.

Abbreviate: Abridge, cut. reduce, shorten, slash, truncate
Abeyance: Adjournment, delay, postponement, temporising
Abhor: Abominate, despise, detest, dislike, hate, loathe.
Ablaze: Afire, a flame, burning, illuminated.
Abnormal: Aberrant, anomalous, curious, deviant, eccentric, odd, peculiar, queer.
Abridge: Curtail, reduce, shorten.
Abstain: Avoid, desist, eschew, forbear refrain, renounce; shun.
Abysmal: Bottomless, boundless, deep, infinite, unending.
Abundant: Ample, copious, full, lavish, overflowing, plentiful.’profuse, rich.
Accentuate: Accent, emphasise, highlight, stress, underline.
Accessible: Achievable, attainable, available, handy, possible, reachable.
Accommodation: Acceptance, acclimatisation, adaptation adjustment, habituation
Accumulate: Add. amass, cluster, collect, conglomerate, hold, possess.
Accusation: Allegation, blame, censure, charge,complaint, indict, incriminate.
Acquiesce: Agree, approve, assent, confirm, consent, yield.
Acquisition: Achievement, buy, gain, property, purchase, qualification.
Acquittal: Freedom, liberation, release, vindication
Adamant: Determined, firm, fixed, immovable, inflexible, insistent.
Adieu:Farewell, goodbye, parting.
Adulation: Extravagant flattery, fulsome praise.
Advantage: Admiration, asset, benefit, edge. gain, help superiority.
Affliction: Distress, misery, pain, sorrow, wretchedness.
Aggressive: Argumentative, belligerent quarrelsome unfriendly.
Agony: Affliction, anguish, distress, misery, pain torment.

Amateur: Apprentice, beginner, learner, neophyte, newcomer, novice probationer.
Amiable: Affable, charming, encouraging, friendly, genial, pleasant, sociable
Ancient: Antiquated, antique, archaic, bygone, old. timeworn.

Abate: Increase
Abbreviate: Amplify
Abdicate: Usurp
Aberrant: Regular
Abeyance: Revival
Abhor: Love
Abolish: Support
Absolute: Conditional
Abundance: Scarcity
Absurd: Rational
Abstain: Indulge
Accede: Dissent
Accidental Designed
Accomplice: Opponent
Achievement: Failure
Acquaint: Hoodwink
Acquiesce: Dissent
Active: Indolent
Adieu: Welcome
Admiration: Contempt
Admonition: Applause
Adolescence: Maturity
Adorable: Abominable
Adroit: Clumsy
Adultery: Purity
Advent: Departure
Advertise: Conceal
Affable: Haughty
Aggressive: Peaceful
Agree: Protest
Agile: Ponderous, Clumsy
Agog: Cool
Alleviate: Aggravate
Alter: Conserve
Altruistic: Selfish
Analysis: Synthesis
Annihilate: Preserve
Anonymous: Authentic
Antipathy: Sympathy
Appreciate Deprecate
Arctic: Antarctic
Ardent: Cool
Arid: Fertile
Arrogance: Modesty
Artful/Astute: Simple
Attainable: Impossible
Authentic: Spurious
Bad: Virtuous
Barbarous: Humane
Barren: Fertile
Beholden: Ungrateful
Belief: Distrust
Bemoan: Rejoice
Benediction: Curse
Benefactor: Destroyer
Benevolent: Malevolent
Benign: Malignant
Bigoted: Tolerant
Bizarre: Usual
Blemish: Honour
Bliss: Misery
Boisterous: Quiet
Borrow: Lend
Brave: Timid
Brazen: Modest
Breach: Reconciliation
Brotherly: Allen
Buffoon: Scholar
Buoyancy: Despondency
Boisterous: Placid
Build: Destroy
Calamity: Blessing
Callous: Soft/Feeling
Candid: Cunning
Capability: Inability
Capacious: Narrow
Captivate: Repulse
Casual: Regular
Catastrophe: Beginning
Categorical: Hazy
Celestial: Earthly
Celibate: Married
Censure: Praise
Centre: Outskirts
Certify: Disapprove
Cessation: Continuity
Centrifugal: Centripetal
Chagrin: Pleasure
Chaos: Order
Chaste: Impure

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