Phrases Prepositions

at peace with in return for
at the expense of in search of
at the head of in sight of (able to ) at the rate of in spite of in support of
at the risk of in the course of by dint of (by means of) in the custody of
by force of

in the event of
by means of

in the form of
by order of

in the habit of
by reason of

in the matter of
by the side of

in the wake of (behind, following)
by virtue of (because of)

in token of (as a sign of)
by/with the help of

in/with the hope of
for (the) love of

on account of
for lack of

on behalf of
for the benefit of

on the basis of
for the good of

on the chance of
for the purpose of

on the occasion of

for the sake of

on the part of
on the strength of (relying upon)
in accordance with

on/to the right/to the
left of
in addition to

on/under the pretence of
in agreement with
in aid of to the joy of
in answer to the satisfaction of

in anticipation of
in charge of

with an eye to (with an intention of)
in combination

with the exception of
in compliance

with the intention to
in conflict with /in

reference to
in conjunction with
in connection with
in consideration of
in contrast to/with
in defence of
in exchange for
in honour of
in lieu of (instead of)
in memory of
in need of
in obedience to
in opposition to
in peril of (in danger of)
in place of
in proportion to
in pursuit of
in recognition of
in relation to
in remembrance of
in response to

by force of

in the event of
by means of

in the form of


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