Medical Entrance Exams NEET practice set-9


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51. Match list – I (Theories) with the list – II (Scientist) and select the correct answer during the codes given below the lists :

52. The enzyme found in the endosperm is called :

(a) Cellulose (b) Maltose
(c) Diastase
(d) Anyone of the above
53. Hybridomas are the result of the fusion of :
(a) Normal antibody-producing cell with myeloma
(b) Abnormal antibody-producing cell with myeloma
(c) Male reproductive cell with myeloma
(d) Female reproductive cell with myeloma
54. In Gladiolus and Crocus vegetative propagation is carried out by :
(a) Bulbs (b) Corms
(c) Runners (d) Suckers
55. Which one of the following is a composited manure :
(a) Mixture of cattle dung and crop residue
(b) Rotten vegetable and animal refuse
(c) Cattle dung and animal refuse
(d) Rotten vegetable
56. Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae are important in :
(a) Nitrate nutrition in plants
(b) Phosphate nutrition in plants
(c) Carbonate nutrition in plants
(d) Sulphate nutrition in plants
57. Farmyard manure consists of :
(a) Cattle dung
(b) Cattle dung and crop residue
(c) Rotten vegetables and animal refuse
(d) Berseem
58. Which organism derives energy from N2 fixation by performing photosynthesis :
(a) Anabaena (b) Azotobacter
(c) Rhizobium (d) Bacillus
59. How many different types of gametes can be formed by F1 progeny, resulting from the following cross AABBCC × aaBBcc :
(a) 4 (b) 8
(c) 27 (d) 64
60. Pellagra is caused by a deficiency of vitamin :
(a) B1 (b) B2
(c) B5 (d) B3
61. The islets of Langerhans are found in :
(a) Pancreas (b) Stomach
(c) Liver (d) Alimentary canal
62. Nucleated RBC is present in :
(a) Man (b) Rat
(c) Frog (d) Rabbit
63. Bowman’s glands are located in :
(a) Cardiac muscles
(b) Pleural muscles
(c) Olfactory membrane
(d) Seminiferous tubules
64. The hinge joint is present between :
(a) Humerus and ulna
(b) Femur and pectoral girdle
(c) Humerus and pelvic girdle
(d) All the above
65. Hamberger’s phenomenon is also called as :
(a) Sodium shift
(b) Hydrogen shift
(c) Chloride shift
(d) Bicarbonate shift
66. Which of the following is important for muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission :
(a) Ca2+ ions
(b) Ca++ and Mg++ ions
(c) Mg++ ions
(d) Fe2+ ions
67. The function of pineal body is to :
(a) Lighten and skin colours
(b) Control sexual behaviour
(c) Regulates the period of puberty
(d) All of these
68. ‘Mammalian thymus’ is mainly concerned with :
(a) Regulation of body temperature
(b) Regulation of body growth
(c) Immunological functions
(d) Secretion of thyrotropin
69. Correct statement with reference to a test tube baby is :
(a) The fertilized egg is placed in the womb of the mother where the gastrula period is completed
(b) Unfertilized egg is placed in the womb and allowed to grow parthenogenetically
(c) A prematurely born baby is reared in an incubator
(d) Fertilized egg is taken out and grown in a large test tube
70. Ovolution of females is under the control of :
(a) ADH and LH (b) LTH and TSH
(c) T3 and TSH (d) FSH and LH
71. A child having blood ‘O’ does not have the parents with blood group :
(a) O, O (b) B, A
(c) AB, O (d) AB, AB
72. Which DNA molecule among the following will melt at lowest temperature :
(a) 5’– G – C – A – T – G – C – T – 3’ 3’C – G – T – A – T – C – G – A5’
(b) 5’– A – A – T – A – A – A – G – C – T – 3’ 3’ – T – T – A – T – T – T – C – G – A – 5’
(c) 5’– A – T – G – C – T – G – A – T 3’ 3’ – T – A – C – G – A – C – T – A – 5’
(d) 5’– A – A – T – A – G – C – T – G – C – 3’ 3’ – T – T – T – A – C –G – A – C – G – 5’
73. Which statement explains the evolutionary advantage of meiosis :
(a) It is necessary for a sexual reproduction
(b) It alternates mitosis from one generation to other
(c) Genetic recombinants give variability
(d) It alters the characters of parents
74. DNA of bacteria is :
(a) With histones
(b) Without histones
(c) With sugar base
(d) Without sugar base
75. Polymerase chain reaction is most useful in :
(a) DNA synthesis
(b) DNA amplification
(c) Protein synthesis
(d) Amino acid synthesis
76. The trisomy for 21st chromosome is called :
(a) Down’s syndrome
(b) Turner’s syndrome
(c) Sickle cell anaemia
(d) Klinefelter’s syndrome
77. Initiation codon is :
(a) UUU (b) UGA
(c) AUG (d) UAG
78. Dinosaurs became extinct in :
(a) Permian period (b) Triassic period
(c) Cretaceous period (d) Jurrasic period
79. The coenzoic era is often designated as :
(a) Age of fish (b) Age of reptiles
(c) Age of mammals
(d) Age of amphibians
80. Human ancestors who left cave paintings were :
(a) Neanderthal man (b) Cro-magnon man (c) Java ape-man (d) Peking man
81. Bulls semen is stored in :
(a) Liquid CO2 (b) Liquid O2
(c) Liquid N2 (d) Ice
82. Active immunity means :
(a) Resistance developed before disease
(b) Resistance developed after disease
(c) Disease developed before resistance
(d) Disease developed after resistance
83. Maximum death among children is due to :
(a) T.B. (b) AIDS
(c) Diphtheria (d) Fever
84. Ishihara chart is used to detect :
(a) T.B.
(b) Eyesight
(c) Colour blindness
(d) Diabetes
85. The chemical used in National Malaria Eradication Programme is :
(a) 2, 4-D (b) BHC
(c) DDT (d) Pyrethroid
86. Aspirin is a/an :
(a) Antibiotic
(b) Antipyretic
(c) Antiseptic
(d) None of these
87. Which brings about cross-pollination :
(a) Herkogamy
(b) Dichogamy
(c) Self-sterility
(d) All of these
88. Torulopsis utilis is :
(a) A food yeast
(b) Employed for synthesis of citric acid
(c) An important intestinal commensal
(d) Microorganism that yields third-generation vaccines
89. ‘Allium type’ is a :
(a) Monosporic embryo sac
(b) Diasporic embryo sac
(c) Tetrasporic embryo sac
(d) Neutral embryo sac.