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Importance- food Class Six

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Food and Its Type

  • Food

Anything which we eat to live is called food. Food provides matter for the growth of our body and energy to do work and remain healthy.

Different types of food:

We eat a variety of foods like rice, vegetables, eggs, butter, cheese, etc. Preparation of food served as part of a meal is called dish. Any of the foods or substances which are combined to make a particular dish is called ingredients.

Food items and their ingredients:

Food items are made by using many ingredients.

For example, vegetable curry is made by using many ingredients like different types of vegetables, salt, spices, oil, and water; kheer is made by using rice, milk, sugar and water.

Some common food items and their Ingredients

Food items(Dish) Ingredients
Boiled rice Rice, Water
Chapati (Roti) Flour (Atta), Water
Dal Pulses, Salt, Spices, Oil, Water
Idli Rice, Urad dal, Salt, Water
Chicken curry Chicken meat, Salt, Spices, Oil, water

Sources of Food

Plants & animals are the major sources of food material.

Plant products: Rice, vegetables, pulses, spices, sugar, oil etc.

Animal products: Ghee, milk, butter, egg, chicken, mutton etc.

Sources of Food from Animals

  •  Some of the foods we eat come from animals are milk, egg, chicken, meat, fish and honey. Milk is also converted into other useful products such as curd, butter, ghee and paneer. Milk is obtained from animals like cow, goat, buffalo, Camel etc.
  • Cod liver oil, which we get from fish, is rich in vitamin A.
  • Honey production: Honey is a food material which is produced by insects called bees. Bees collect nectar from the flowers of plants and convert it into honey.
  • Chicken: We get from the hen.
  • Mutton: We get from goat

Sources of Food from Plants

Plants are the major sources of food for human beings and other animals. Plants are the sources of food materials like cereals (wheat, maize, rice, sorghum, millet etc.), pulses, oils, fruits, vegetables, sugar, spices, tea and coffee etc.

Plants parts as food: The various parts of plants are used as a food material.

(1) Roots as food: Some plants store food in their roots. Example: Carrot, radish, beet, sweet potato and turnip.

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(2) Stems as food: Some plants store food in their stems. Example: Onion, potato, ginger, garlic and turmeric

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(3) Leaves as food: Some plants store food in their leaves. Example: Spinach, coriander, radish leaves.

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(4) Flowers as food: Some plants store food in their flowers. Example: Sunflower, cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli.

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(5) Fruits as food: Some plants store food in their fruits. Example: Apple, orange, peach, mango, pears, banana, plums, grapes etc. Vegetable fruits: Tomatoes, brinjal, pumpkin and chilli etc.

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(6) Seeds as food: Some plants store food in their seeds. Example: Wheat, maize, rice, sorghum, millet, Bengal gram, peas and pulses

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(7) Some plants have two edible parts which can be eaten as food:

Mustard plant: Leaves and oil

Banana: Leaves and fruit

(8) Sprouts: The cereals which absorb water and then start growing are called sprouts. They are full of proteins.

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They also contain vitamins A, B and C which makes them a nutritious food.

The seeds of moong, moth, and chana are usually converted into sprouts in our homes.


The difference between a Fruit and Vegetable A fruit is what a flower becomes after it is pollinated. The seeds for the plant are inside the fruit. Vegetables are other parts of the plant, e.g. carrots are roots; lettuce is leaf etc.

Food Producers and Consumers

  • Food Producers: Plants are called producers because they can make their own food.

The green plants make their own food by the process of photosynthesis with the help of water from the soil, carbon dioxide gas from the air, and energy from sunlight.

  •  Food Consumers: Animals are called consumers because they cannot make their own food, so they consume (eat) plants or animals as their food. The animals eat or consume plants and plant products, or other animals to get the food. Example: Animals and Human

Classification of animals on the basis of their food habit:

Herbivores: Animals that eat only plants.

Examples: Goat, cow etc.

Carnivores: Animals that eat only animals.

Examples: Lion, tiger etc.

Omnivores: Animals that eat both animals and plants. Humans are also omnivores.

Examples: Dog, cat etc.

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