Bric-a-brac: OId curiosities and treasured odds and ends.
Can-can: A wild French dance.
Chop-chop: Promptly.

Chow-chow: A dog of Chinese breed.
Clish-clash: Gossip.
Fiddle-Faddle: Trifling talk or behaviour.
Gibble-gabble: Senseless chatter.
Harum-scarum: A giddy rash person.
Helter-skelter: A spiral slide on a fair ground; disorderly motion.
Higgledy-piggledy: In confusion.
Hocus-pocus: A juggler’s tricks or formula.
Hodge-podge: A confused mass of ingredients mixed together in the same pot; a jumble.
Hogen-Mogen: High and mighty.
Hoity-toity: Superciliously haughty.
Holus-bolus: All at a gulp.
Hubble-bubble: Confusion.
Hugger-mugger: Secrecy.
Hula-hula: A Hawaiian woman’s dance.
Hurdy-gurdy: A musical instrument whose strings are sounded by the turning of a wheel.
Hurly-burly: Confusion.
Hurry-scurry: Confusion and bustle.
Jiggery-pokery: Trickery.
Jingle-jangle: A continued succession of clinking sounds.
Jujitsu A system of wrestling and athletic exercises, Japan.
Jug-jug: Sound made by a nightingale.
Kia-ora: Good health.
Knick-kna: A small trifling ornamental article.
Mumbo-jumbo: Any object of foolish worship or fear.
Namby-pamby: Prettily or sentimentally childish.
Nulla-nulla: A hard wood club.
Pall-mall: An old game; the street in London.
Pell-mell: Confusedly mingled.
Pooh-pooh: To make light of.
Ribble-rabble: A mob.
Shilly-shally: In silly hesitation.
Tittle-tattle: Idle, empty talk.
Whim-wham: A ridiculous notion.
Whisky-frisky: Flighty
Willy-nilly: Willing or unwilling.
Wishy-washy: Thin and


A basket in which a fisherman puts his fish- Creel
A book containing information on all  branches of knowledge-  Encyclopaedia

A book containing the words of a language with their definitions, in alphabetical order- Dictionary

A book in which the events of each day are recorded- Diary
A book of accounts showing debits and credits- Ledger
A book of names and addresses- Directory
A bride’s outfit- Trousseau
A chairman’s hammer- Gavel
A child born after the death of his father or a book published after the death of its author- Posthumous
A child whose parents are dead- Orphan
A covered stall at a fair, horse races, etc- Booth
A cure for all diseases- Panacea
A disease affecting many persons at the same time- Epidemic

A figure with many angles or sides- Polygon
A forecast of the result of a disease or illness- Prognosis
A general pardon of political offenders- Amnesty
A great lover or collector of books- Bibliophile
A lady’s handbag or work bag- Reticule
A language that is no longer spoken- Dead
A life history of a person written by another- Biography
A life history of a person written by himself- Autobiography
A list of goods despatched with quantity and price to the purchaser – Invoice
A list or table of duties payable on exports or imports –Tariff 
A man or a woman with skin or hair of auburn colour- Blonde
A man whose wife is dead- Widower
A medicine for producing sleep- Narcotic/Opiate
A medicine used to loosen the stuff in the bowels- Laxative
A medicine to counteract poison- Antidote
A messenger sent in great haste- Courier
A minister representing a sovereign or State in a foreign country-  Ambassador
A paper was written by hand- Manuscript
A person sent out on a mission- Emissary
A person who can neither read nor write- Illiterate

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