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43. During whose Viceroyalty, Queen Victoria was crowned with ‘Kaiser-i-Hind’ in Delhi Durbar?
(a) Hastings (b) Lytton
(c) Elgin (d) Lord Minto
44. One could not term as a ‘Moderate’
(a) GK Gokhale
(b) Dadabhai Naoroji
(c) Pherozeshah Mehta
(d) Bipin Chandra Pal
45. The Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah II exiled by British and sent to
(a) Mandalay
(b) Andaman and Nicobar
(c) Rangoon
(d) Hyderabad
46. A Public Works Department was set up in India by
(a) Lord Rippon (b) William Bentinck
(c) Lord Dalhousie (d) Warren Hastings
47. Who among the following was responsible for the revival of Hinduism in the 19th century?
(a) Swami Dayananda
(b) Swami Vivekanand
(c) Guru Shankaracharya
(d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
48. The first session of the Indian National Congress was held under the Presidentship of
(a) AO Hume (b) B Malabari
(c) Badruddin Tyyabji (d) WC Bannerjee
49. The Governor General of Fort William became the Governor-General of India under the Charter Act of
(a) 1781 (b) 1973
(c) 1813 (d) 1833
50. Vande Mataram was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress in
(a) 1886 (b) 1892
(c) 1896 (d) 1904
51 The 19th Century reawakening in India was confined to the
(a) priestly class
(b) upper middle class
(c) rich peasantry
(d) urban landlords
52. The strategy of ‘Divide and Rule’ was adopted by
(a) Lord Curzon (b) Lord Wellesley
(c) Lord Minto (d) Both ‘a’&’c’
53. Who amongst the following Englishmen was fellow of Gandhiji in South Africa?
(a) CF Andrews (b) Polak
(c) Peterson (d) None of the above
54. Who was the leader of Poona Sarvajanik Sabha founded in 1870?
(a) SN Banerjee (b) Justice Ranade
(c) KT Telang (d) Ferozeshah Mehta
55. Which of the following Land tenure system was introduced by Lord Cornwallis?
(a) Mahalwari (b) Ryotwari
(c) Zamindari (d) Inamdar
56. The Vernacular Press Act was passed by
(a) Lord Curzon (b) Lord Wellesley
(c) Lord Lytton (d) Lord Hardinge
57. Which one of the following is considered to have sparked off the 1857 Revolt?
(a) Annexation of Awadh
(b) The introduction of greased cartridges for the new Enfield rifle
(c) The anti-sati legislation
(d) All of the above
58. The capital of Bahmani Kingdom was
(a) Warangal (b) Devagiri
(c) Ellichpur (d) Gulbarga
59. Who among the following was not an exponent of Bhakti movement?
(a) Ramananda (b) Kabir
(c) Shankaracharya (d) Nanak
60. Which Mughal emperor gave land for the construction of the Golden Temple at Amritsar?
(a) Akbur (b) Jahangir
(c) Shahjahan (d) Aurangzeb
61. The Mughal painting reached its zenith during the reign of
(a) Babur (b) Akbar
(b) Jahangir (d) Shahjahan.


43. (b) 44. (d) 45. (a) 46. (c) 47. (a) 48. (d) 49. (d) 50. (c) 51. (b) 52. (a) 53. (b) 54. (b) 55. (c) 56. (c) 57. (b) 58. (d) 59. (c) 60. (a) 61. (c)

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