AAPs Annual Action Plans
ACRC Agricultural Credit Review Committee
ACU Asian Clearing Union
ADB Asian Development Bank
AGMARK Agricultural Marketing Development
AHT Agricultural Holdings Tax
APC Agricultural Prices Commission
API Annual Parasite Index
ARDC Agricultural Refinance Development Corporation
ARM Additional Resource Mobilisation
ARS Asset Responsibility System
ASI Annual Survey of Industries
ASSOCHAM Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar
BCCL Bharat Cooking Coal Limited
BCR Balance from Current Revenue
BE Budget Estimate
BIFR Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
BNP Balwadi Nutrition Programme
BOP Balance of Payment
CACP Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
CAD Command Area Development
CADP Command Area Development Programme
CARC Congress Agrarian Reforms Committee
CARE Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere
CCA Cumulative Command Area
CCI Controls of Capital Issues
CCIS Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme
CCS Cash Compensatory Support
CD Certificate of Deposit
CIL Coal India Limited

CIP Central Issue Price
CIMA Credit Monitoring Arrangement
CMIE Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
COB Carry on Business
CONCOR Container Corporation of India

COFEPOSA Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention Smuggling Activities
COPU Committee on Public Undertakings
COSIP Colleges Science Improvement Programme
CP Commercial Paper
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPI(AL) Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers
CPI(IW) Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
CPI(UNME) Consumer Price Index for Urban Non-Manual Employees
CPR Couple Protection Rate
CPSU Central Public Sector Undertaking
CRISIL Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSO Central Statistical Organisation
DAP Di-Ammonium Phosphate
DDP Desert Development Programme
DEL Direct Exchange Lines
DFHI Discount and Finance House of India
DFI Development Finance Institution
DGCI&S Director General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics
DGE&T Directorate General of Employment and Training
DOT Department of Telecommunication
DPAP Drought Prone Area Programme
DRC District Rehabilitation Centre
DRI Differential Rate of Interest
DTLS Demand and Time Liabilities
DVC Damodar Valley Corporation
DWCRA Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas.
ECB External Commercial Borrowing
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECGC Export Credit Guarantee Corporation
ECM European Common Market
EEC European Economic Community
EFF Extend Fund Facility
EFTA European Free Trade Area
EGS Employment Guarantee Scheme
FHTP Electronics Hardware Technology Park
EIUS Environmental Improvement of Urban Slums
EOU Export-Oriented Unit
EPC Export Promotion Council
EPCG Export Promotion Capital Goods

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