Collective References People

an army of soldiers.
a band of musicians.
a battalion/regiment of soldiers.
a bench of judges or bishops.
a bevvy of girls.
a board of directors/trustees.
a caravan of merchants/pilgrims/travellers.
a class of students.
a company of soldiers/merchants/actors.
a concourse/throng/assembly/crowd/multitude of people.
a congress of representatives.
a crew of sailors.
a gang of prisoners/robbers/thieves/convicts.
a gang/coffle of slaves.
a gathering/society of people gathered together for some purpose. a horde of savages.
a host of angels.
a jury/panel of jurymen engaged on a case.
a posse of constables called to enforce the law.
a staff of servants.
a troupe of artists/dancers/acrobats.

a barren of mules.
a bed of clams.
a bevvy of larks or quails
a brood of chickens.
a business of ferrets.
a cast of a couple of hawks.
a catch/haul/shoal/of fish.
a cent of badgers.
a charm of finches.
a cloud of locusts.
a cluster of cats.
a congregation of plovers
a convocation of eagles.
a covey of partridges.
a crash of rhinoceros.
a descent of woodpeckers.
a dray of squirrels.
a drove of cattle/horses/ponies (driven together).
an exaltation of larks
a flight of birds, bees or insects.
a flock/gaggle/skein of geese/swans.
a flock of sheep.
a gam of whales.
a herd of cattle/deer/swine.
a kindle of kittens.
a knot of frogs.
a labour of moles.
a leap of leopards.
a litter of pigs/dogs/cats brought forth at one birth).
a mustering of storks.
a muster of peacocks.
a nest of ants/rabbits/snakes.
a nye of pheasants.
an ostentation of peacocks.
a pack of asses/wolves/hounds.
a paddling of ducks.
a parliament of owls.
a plague of locusts.
a plump of wild fowls.
a poultry of fowls/ducks, etc.
a pod of seals.
a pride of lions.
a rookery of rooks or seals.
a route of wolves/knights.
a school of porpoises/whales.
a siege of herons.
a skulk of foxes/friars/geese.
a sloth of bears, a sounder of pigs, swines.
a swarm/hive of bees.
a stud of horses (kept for riding, racing, and breeding).
a team of oxen.
A tiding of magpies
a troop of lions/monkeys.
a watch of nightingales.
a wisp of snipe.