Class nine Maths NCERT Sol Chapter 14 Statistics

Chapter 14: Statistics


1. A survey conducted by an organisation for the cause of illness and death among the women between the ages 15 – 44 (in years) worldwide, found the following figures (in %) :

(i) Represent the information given above graphically.

(ii) Which condition is the major cause of women’s ill health and death worldwide?

(iii) Try to find out, with the help of your teacher, any two factors which play a major role in the cause in (ii) above is the major cause.

Sol. (i) We can represent the above data by a bar chart as shown below:

(ii) Reproductive health conditions.

(iii) (a) Lack of proper hygiene. (b) Lack of education

2. The following data on the number of girls (to the nearest ten) per thousand boys in different sections of Indian society are given below:

(i) Represent the information above by a bar graph.

(ii) In the classroom discuss what conclusions can be arrived at from the graph.

Sol. (i) The required bar chart is shown below:

(ii) Write your own conclusion.

3. Given below are the seats won by different political parties in the polling outcome of state assembly elections:

(i) Draw a bar graph to represent the polling results.

(ii) Which political party won the maximum number of seats?

Sol. (i) The required bar graph is shown alongside

(ii) Since the bar corresponding to A is the longest, hence party A won the maximum number of seats.