Class 8 Reaching the Age Adolescence

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Give one word:

  1. The first menstrual bleeding in a female

Ans. Menarche

  1. The last menstrual bleeding in a female

Ans. Menopause

  1. The thyroid gland secretes.

Ans. Thyroxine

  1. The gland which is known as master gland.

Ans. Pituitary

Very Short Answer Question?

Q1. During which time the adolescent girls should take special care of personal hygiene.

Ans. Adolescent girls should take special care of personal hygiene during the menstrual cycle.

Q2. How does the height of boys and girls change during puberty?

Q3. Which endocrine gland secretes adrenaline?

Ans. Adrenaline is secreted by the adrenal glands.

Q4. Why should drugs not be taken by anybody?

Ans. Drugs are addictive. If you take them once, you feel like taking them again and again. They harm the body in the long run. They ruin health and happiness.

Q5. Is parent helpful to the children at adolescence age?

Yes, a parent can be helpful to the child for a smoother transition and greater success in achieving the tasks of adolescent development.

 Providing a safe and loving home environment.

 Creating an atmosphere of honesty, mutual trust and respect.

 Allowing age-appropriate independence and assertiveness.

 Developing a relationship that encourages your child to talk to you.

  • Teaching responsibility for their belongings and other things.

 Teaching basic responsibility for household chores.

 Teaching the importance of accepting limits

 Teaching the importance of thinking before acting.

Q6. Why is good nutrition important for adolescent children?

Ans. Good nutrition for adolescents can help to prevent diseases and promote proper health, growth and development. Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals are an important part of nutrition. Vitamins are organic substances present in the food. They are required by the body in small amounts to regulate metabolism and to maintain normal growth and functioning. They are also important for many life-supporting systems, such as hormones, transport of oxygen and enzyme system.

Q7. Name: (a) female sex hormone

(b) male sex hormone

Ans. (a) female sex hormone- estrogen

(b) male sex hormone- testosterone

Q8. Name any two female sex hormones.

Ans. Estrogen and progesterone

Q9. Where is the pituitary gland located?

Ans. The pituitary gland is located in the head region at the base of the brain.

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