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Conservation of Plants and Animals

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. The plants found in a particular area are termed as:-

(a) species

(b) flora

(c) forest

(d) fauna

  1. The animals found in particular area are termed as:-

(a) Fauna

(b) Species

(c) Flora

(d) Kingdom

  1. A group of population which is capable of interbreeding is known as:-

(a) flora

(b) species

(c) animals

(d) kingdom

  1. The plants, animals and microorganisms along with climate, soil river etc. of an

the area is referred to as …….

(a) fauna

(b) ecosystem

(c) species

(d) kingdom

  1. Red Data Book keeps the record of …….

(a) endangered animals & plants

(b) extinct animals and plants

(c) endemic animals and plants

(d) all of the above

  1. Red Data Book is published by:-

(a) WWP

(b) IUCN

(c) UNO

(d) BSI

  1. Restoring of the destroyed forests by planting new trees is known as…

(a) housekeeping

(b) ecosystem

(c) afforestation

(d) deforestation

  1. Deforestation does not cause

(a) global warming

(b) decertification

(c) drought

(d) cyclone

  1. Fill in the blanks:-

  1. A species found in a particular area is known as —species—
  2. Kanha National park is located at–Madhya Pradesh — in India.
  3. Variety of plants, animals and other organisms on the earth is called— species—
  4. —- afforestation ——–is the process of planting new trees in the deforested area.
  5. Zoos are not the habitat of animals.
  6. Migratory birds fly to faraway places because of changes of Climate.
  7. —- Lightning —is the natural cause of forest fires.
  8. Forest is our–lifeline——-.

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