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Match the following:-

  1. Carbon dioxide a. Flood and soil erosion
  2. Endangered b. Biosphere Reserve species
  3. National park c. Asiatic Lion
  4. Urbanisation d. Global warming
  5. Deforestation e. Loss of biodiversity
  • D, 2- c ,3- b , 4- e, 5- a

 Write ‘True’ (T) or ‘False’ (F):-

  1. Habitat destruction causes depletion of wildlife. T
  2. The Gir National park is located in Gujarat T
  3. Population growth has no effect on the depletion of the forest. F
  4. Endangered animals are not seen on the earth anymore. F
  5. The man is not responsible for deforestation. F
  6. Wildlife can be secured by keeping animals at home. F
  7. Deforestation does not affect the food chain. F
  8. Reforestation causes global warming. F
  9. Recycling of paper is beneficial for us. T

 Very Short Answer Questions:-

  1. What are the places where wild animals are protected called?

National park and Wildlife Sanctuary


  1. Name any three endangered species protected in our wildlife sanctuaries.

Bengal tiger, Pink pigeon and Polar bear

  1. What are the animals facing the danger of extinction called?

Endangered species

  1. Name anyone extinct animal.


  1. Name the record book having records of all endangered animals and plants.

Red Data Book

  1. Name some migratory birds.

Siberian crane, Arctic tern migrate.

 Short Answer Questions:-

  1. What is a Red Data Book?

Red Data Book is the source book which keeps a record of all the endangered plants and animals. There are different types of red data book for plants, and animals and other species.

Red Data Book is published by IUCN The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource. India also has a Red Data Book.

  1. What is to be done to save wildlife?

Some ways of conversing biodiversity are:

(i) The natural habitats of biodiversity should be preserved by establishing more protected areas like national parks, sanctuaries, Biosphere reserves.

(ii) An effective system to fight forest fires should be set up.

(iii) Deforestation should be stopped and afforestation should be encouraged.

(iv) Illegal trade in animal skins, fur etc should be checked.

(v) The poaching of wild animals should be made a punishable offence.

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