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 The Cell

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

 1.Who discovered cell for the first time by observing cork?

(a) Alexander Flaming

(b) Robert Hook

(c) Leeuwenhoek

(d) Charles Darwin

 2.The structural and functional unit of life is called

(a) tissue

(b) cell

(c) organ

(d) organism

 3.Which of the following cells have an irregular shape?

(a) White blood cells

(b) Amoeba

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

 4.The largest cell is

(a) Bacteria

(b) Human neuron

(c) egg of an ostrich

(d) egg of blue whale

 5.A cell with a definite nucleus and nuclear membrane are called as.

(a) virus

(b) Plant cell

(c) Prokaryotic

(d) Eukaryotic

 6.The cell wall is made up of a substance called

(a) Lignin

(b) Starch

(c) Chitin

(d) Cellulose

 7.Which organelle is called the powerhouse of the cell?

(a) Centrosome

(b) Lysosomes

(c) Chloroplast

(d) Mitochondria

 8.Which one of the following is not unicellular?

(a) Dog

(b) Amoeba

(c) Paramecium

(d) Euglena

9.Which of these is not present in a plant cell?

(a) Cytoplasm

(b) Ribosomes

(c) Cell wall

(d) Centrioles

10.Which of these is also called plasma membrane?

(a) Cytoplasm

(b) Nucleus

(c) Cell-membrane

(d) Vacuoles

 11.Colourless plastids in plants are

(a) Chloroplast

(b) chromoplast

(c) Leucoplast

(d) None of these

 12.Chlorophyll is present in:

(a) Chloroplast

(b) Leucoplast

(c) Chromoplast

(d) None

 Fill in the blanks:

 1.——- Ribosomes ———Contain RNA and proteins.

 2. The plastids responsible for the different colour of fruits and flower is———- cell organelles ——

 3. The plastids responsible for the green colour of leaves is-——– cell organelles ————–.

 4. The porous membrane that allows the movement of materials both inward and outward from the cell is———— Cell (Plasma) Membrane ——————.

 5. Ribosomes help in——- protein ————– synthesis.

 6. Most cells are too small to be seen with the human eye to a——microscope—– is used to magnify them.


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