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Reaching the Age of Adolescence

One Word answer Type

  1. The period of life when the body undergoes changes leading to reproductive maturity is called:

(a) Puberty

  1. The voice box is also known as:

(c) larynx

  1. Which of the following glands secrete oil:

(c) Sebaceous gland

  1. The first menstrual flow at puberty in females is termed as:

(d) menarche

  1. Acne and pimples on the face are due to secretion of:

(b) oil glands during puberty

  1. Which of the following is the male hormone that is secreted by the testes at the onset of puberty?

(d) Testosterone

  1. The female hormone secreted by the ovaries at the onset of puberty is:

(a) Estrogen

  1. Adam’s apple is prominent in:

(d) Adolescent boys

  1. When a sperm containing Y chromosome fertilises an egg with X chromosome, the zygote develops into a child.

(c) Male

  1. Hormones are secreted by:

(d) Endocrine glands

  1. The maximum increase in height takes place during:

(b) Adolescence

Fill in the blanks:

 1. Babies develop inside the uterus of the mother.

  1. The thyroid gland is present at the base of the throat in the neck.
  1. The female is in the reproductive phase between menarche and menopause.
  1. Initially, girls grow taller than boys.
  1. Parents should talk openly to their adolescence child.
  1. X and Y chromosomes are called sex chromosomes.
  1. Endocrine glands are also called ductless glands.
  1. Sperms are produced by testes.

State whether ‘True’ (T) or ‘False’ (F):

 1. Fertilisation is necessary for asexual reproduction also. False

  1. The pituitary gland controls the activities of other endocrine glands. True
  1. The sex of a child is determined by both mother and father. False
  1. It is the sperm which determines the sex of a child. True
  1. Drugs are addictive and should be avoided. True
  1. The oestrogen hormone develops a deeper voice in males at puberty. False

Match the following:

  1. XX (a) Hormones
  2. Pancreas (b) Adolescence age
  3. Endocrine gland (c) Female
  4. High-pitched voice (d) Girls
  5. Puberty (e) Insulin

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