Some Natural Phenomena

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1.Like charges each other.

(a) repel

(b) move away

(c) attract

(d) none of these

2.Trees get burnt due to:

(a) floods

(b) lightning

(c) earthquake

(d) thunder

3.Movement of the tectonic plates leads to:

(a) floods

(b) earthquake

(c) lightning

(d) tsunami

4.Which of these is not a seismic zone in India?

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Eastern part

(c) Kashmir

(d) Rann of Kutch

5.When an uncharged body B is brought into contact with a positively charged

body A:

(a) A loses its charge

(b) B acquires positive charge

(c) B acquire no charge

(d) B acquires negative charge

6.An earthquake of magnitude 8-9 is:

(a) strong

(b) very strong

(c) mild

(d) not felt

7.The lightning conductor was first established by a scientist named:-

(a) Issac Newton

(b) Benjamin Franklin

(c) Robert Hooke

(d) Thales

8.The magnitude of an earthquake is measured on the:

(a) Celsius scale

(b) Decibel scale

(c) Kelvin scale

(d) Richter scale

10. The SI unit of electric charge is:

(a) watt

(b) joule

(c) coulomb

(d) ampere

11. An earthquake under the ocean can cause a:

(a) tsunami

(b) lightning

(c) thunderstorm

(d) hide tide

 Some Natural Phenomena

Fill in the blanks:

  1. A break or a crack between moving plates is called—-slide——.
  2. A—-. Lightning conductor —- protects tall buildings from lightning.
  3. The loud sound produced during lightning is called—-thundering——.
  4. In an atom,—– electron——- are negatively charged particles.
  5. Combing your hair makes a—-negative—–charge on the comb.
  6. An electroscope is used to—detect——– charge.
  7. Bathing should be avoided during a thunderstorm to avoid contact with—–conductor———

9. Most of the earthquakes are caused by the movement of earth’s ——– tectonic plates————

 State whether the following statements are ‘True’ (T) or ‘False’(F).

  1. A gold leaf electroscope is used to produce charges. F
  2. The air in the path of the lightning becomes very cold. F
  3. Like charges attract each other. F
  4. Lightning conductor cannot protect a building from lightning. F
  5. We should avoid taking a shower when it is lightning. T


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