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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. Opening the door is an example of :

(a) contact force

(b) spring force

(c) non-contact force

(d) magnetic force

2.What is the cause of change in motion or change in the state of motion?

(a) Pressure

(b) Friction

(c) Atmospheric Pressure

(d) Force

  1. A charged balloon attaches to a wall because of:-

(a) muscular force

(b) magnetic force

(c) electrostatic force

(d) gravitational force

  1. A ball rolling on the ground slows down and finally stops. This is because


(a) force

(b) less force applied

(c) friction

(d) none of the above

  1. In a tug-of-war, two teams pulling a rope does not move towards any team,

it implies that:-

(a) An equal force is being applied in the same direction

(b) An equal force is being applied in opposite direction

(c) no force is applied in any directions

(d) cannot be explained

  1. Gravity is

(a) repulsive force

(b) attractive or Repulsive force

(c) attractive force

(d) not a force

  1. A push or pull on an object is called :

(a) pressure

(b) Push-pull

 (c) force

(d) all of above

  1. The pressure of the water at the bottom of the pond is at the surface of the pond:

(a) lower than

(b) same

(c) higher than

(d) either lower or higher

  1. The force involved in falling of an apple from a tree is

(a) magnetic force

(b) electrostatic force

(c) contact force

(d) gravitational force

  1. An example of a non-contact force is

(a) The force exerted by us to lift a bucket

(b) push a stationary car

(c) The force exerted by magnets

(d) hit a cricket ball for a 6 run

  1. Pressure is

(a) Area/Force on which it acts

(b) Force/Area on which it acts

(c) Volume/Force on which it acts

(d) Force/Volume on which it acts

Fill in the blanks :

1.—–Force-——– is a push or pull acting on an object.

  1. Magnetic and gravitational forces are the types of—–non-contact ——- force.
  2. The S.I. unit of pressure is—— N/m2 or Pa ———–

.      4. It is easier to carry school bags with ——- broad ———straps.

  1. Foundations of high-rise buildings are kept——– wide foundations ———–.
  2. Iron nails can be separated from husk by using—–magnet——-.


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